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At Skillatude, a venture of Radikal Co., we foster personal development by teaching crucial life skills. We design customized programs and offer personalized assistance to empower individuals, enabling them to enhance their self-confidence and excel effortlessly in today’s dynamic business world.

Our Beliefs in Practice

Skillatude is dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve their aspirations and unlock their full potential. We are a transformation partner, guiding clients through the journey of self-improvement by fostering essential life skills and cultivating a growth mindset. We believe in the inherent potential within each individual, and our mission is to equip individuals with the tools and support necessary to translate that potential into tangible realities.

Life Skills: Your Success Compass

Life skills are your compass for life’s challenges, both personal and professional. They help you navigate tough decisions, build strong relationships, and achieve your goals. By enhancing communication, problem-solving, and self-awareness, individuals become well-prepared to address all kinds of situations.


Clearly sharing ideas and information with others to build strong working relationships.

Critical Thinking

Analyzing information to solve problems and make sound decisions.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Understanding your own emotions and those of others to navigate relationships


Being flexible and able to adjust to changing priorities and new situations.

Time Management

Effectively planning and utilizing your time to achieve your goals and maximize productivity.

Financial Literacy

Managing your money wisely to achieve your financial goals.


Weighing options and confidently choosing the best course of action.


Working together with others to achieve a common goal, leveraging each other’s strengths.

From The Founder’s Desk

I firmly believe that one of the most significant hurdles confronting today’s youth is securing meaningful employment, particularly common in smaller cities. The lack of confidence, exposure, and proper guidance often leads to a loss of focus.

At Skillatude, our mission is to empower individuals to dream and realize a brighter future. Through our program and support, we aspire to nurture well-rounded individuals who can confidently navigate the corporate landscape.

Anubha Matele

Founder & CEO

"Boundless Minds Break the Chains of Now"

Curated Learning Solutions


Interactive workshops focusing on refining life skills, communication abilities, and corporate etiquette, conducted in-person.

Training Programs

Customized training initiatives designed to empower organizations and elevate team effectiveness.

Assessment and Evaluation

Robust evaluation processes ensuring participants’ progress, providing valuable insights for continuous improvement.

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